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Why another database?

I continually find myself needing an integrated solution while developing software for embedded/desktop/web applications. I wanted a solution that was small, fast, and powerful. And as always, I wanted one that allowed me to develop in an Object-Oriented manor.

Before MyOODB there where no solutions I could use to create my object-model and access it the way I believe object-models should be accessed. Whether I am writing software for the desktop or over the web, whether I want persistence or not, I wanted a solution that handled my object-model in a truly distributed sense.

To this point, I did not want my GUI to require a backing store that needs to be explicitly synchronized with the database. I did not want to create objects that represented the objects in my OODB or have to model and translate to/from my RDBMS. I did not want to be continuously reminded that I had a database and that I needed to do things to synchronize it.

I wanted to be one with my object-model, wherever I was. Consequently, I created the MyOODB project.

Once you define your object-model using MyOODB, your object-model and you can also become one ;-)

Oh ya, I also did not want to pay a lot of money for products that did not do everything I needed them to do.


What is MyOODB licensing agreement?

Included in the MyOODB distribution is code and documentation made available by other copyright holders and under different licenses. All these licenses allow worldwide, royalty free distribution, whether alone or as part of a larger product. License, copyright and disclaimer of these software is included in the project/license directory.

MyOODB GPL and LPGL licensing definition applies as follows. If one changes MyOODB source code (i.e. org.myoodb.* client/server code), these changes fall under GPL. However, since this is an Object-Oriented Database and your code is required to run within MyOODB server context, user code falls under LGPL.

In other words, modifications to MyOODB source code needs to be submitted back to the MyOODB project. User code built on top of MyOODB, IS NOT GPL and NEED NOT be submitted or made public.

Where is the documentation for MyOODB? How about some Java Doc?

I just have not written any. Please refer to the samples in the source distribution. I believe it does a good job in showing how to create and deploy a MyOODB solution.

I am having problems compiling and/or running MyOODB samples?

1) Are you using some version of jdk 1.6.x?
2) Are the java and/or javac binaries in your PATH?
3) Have you set JAVA_HOME to point to your jdk1.6.x install?
4) Are you running the samples in project/test?

How do I use MyOODB code generation tools?

I recommend you use Java ANT and create your own generation.xml file like the one I created in the MyOODB project directory. See project/samples.xml for how I generate my samples.

You could always just call org.myoodb.generator.Main explicitly with your MyOODB interface files.